Monday, 16 September 2013


LI graphing linear equations
Morena team,

So we ran into some confusion around linear equations. Lets go back
we are going to graph this equation

y= 2x +3

Step 1. Create a three columned table like the one below.

Step 2. Start by picking your x values. In the table below you can see that the person has picked -4 all the way to 2.

Step 3. Work out what the y= by placing each of the x values into the equation. eg.

y=2x + 3
y= 2 times -4 and then add three. Remember in bedmas we do the multiplication first, then the addition.

alternate format

Do this for each of your x terms which you can put in your third column, which will have the coordinates for you to graph.

Lets try doing it with the equation

y= 3x +1

Remember to use the steps above.

NEXT: actually graph those points. Remember, its always going to be a straight line.

Once you have created a table like the one above with each of your terms, read through this great tutorial on graphing the points, although you guys seem pretty capable at graphing coordinates. Click here.

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